About Jane

Born and raised in London, the art of makeup has fascinated Jane from a very early age. She can remember drawing over the faces of her mother’s magazines to create bolder eyes and dramatic lips, and marveling at how makeup can transform a face. It was no surprise to her family and friends that while at university in Manchester, studying History of Art, Jane decided that another type of art was her true calling – the art of Makeup!

With the blessing of her professor, (who knew that instead of books and study materials, her desk was covered with makeup), she embarked on the never-ending adventure of a lifetime that was to take her all over the planet, working with world renowned photographers, models and movie-stars.

As soon as Jane devoted herself to her new craft in London, she quickly became a favorite with many photographers, and within a few short years, her work was gracing the covers of British magazines like The Face, ID, GQ and Cosmopolitan. This led to an introduction to the music industry, where Jane became the personal makeup artist to bands such as Soul ll Soul, Sinead O’Connor, The Charlatans, New Order and Robbie Williams.

While on a trip to Los Angeles in the mid 90’s, Jane was asked to work on a film in Hollywood. This led to numerous offers of work, and so Jane made the move to Los Angeles where her career continued to flourish. Upon arrival, she began to work with A list celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Kevin Spacey, Ben Stiller, Annette Bening and Kirsten Dunst, getting them ready for magazine shoots, and award shows like The Oscars, The Emmys and numerous press junkets.

This led to Jane meeting and working with the world’s top photographers like Albert Watson, Davis Factor, Alberto Tolot, and Andrew Macpherson to name a few. Creating stunning editorial images has always been Jane’s first love, so when they collaborated on magazines like L’Uomo Vogue, Instyle, Vanity Fair, Esquire, and Elle, she felt as though her dreams had come true, as she remembered drawing on her mother’s magazines as a child…

Jane has also worked on major advertising campaigns for Harrods, Directv, Mastercard, Canon, Pantene, and Mazda, among many others, and designed the makeup for theatrical BBC shows like “Paul Merton’s Birth of Hollywood.”

Jane now has over 20 years of experience in the international beauty and fashion industries, and her advice and expertise has been sought after and appeared in the pages of Instyle, FHM, Lucky, and Cosmopolitan. Recently Jane was asked to be regular contributor to The Huffington Post UK Style Section.

Jane’s philosophy about makeup is that beauty really is more than skin deep. When you put yourself in the hands of an expert makeup artist, and see the true beauty of your features revealed, the feel good factors that follow are immeasurable. Achieving this for all of her clients, from A-list celebrities, to busy career women, to stay at home moms, is why Jane continues to love and cherish her work.

Jane currently resides in Los Angeles, and will travel according to her schedule.